Excel Management Services offers three complementary business services for small, independent and family owned businesses and practices to enable them to successfully compete in the 21st century. These are: business consulting, business seminars, training and specialty programs. We implement management systems including staff testing and evaluation, communication systems, management by statistics, business coaching and strategic planning. Let us bring your business into the 21st century!


Consulting Services

We specialize in small and family owned businesses. The same level of expertise and experience that has been available to the major corporations is now available to independent and family owned small businesses and practices to successfully compete in the marketplace. Your personal management consultant will analyze your business against your goals and create a targeted step by step program to achieve your goal in the time frame needed. The consultant works with you to ensure smooth and successful implementation, trouble shoot and capitalize on opportunity. Some of the tools used are personnel testing and evaluation, statistical management systems and implementation of individual production-based bonus programs and these are also available as “a la carte” services.

Training Services

A shared vision and maximum staff efficiency often requires targeted workshops or seminars to improve employee understanding, co-operation or to educate in new management methods or new programs. The maxim of “united we stand, divided we fall” is utilized in our on-site tailor-made workshops, to establish agreement as well as increased understanding. This is especially helpful when implementing major changes in an organization. Workshops in some popular subjects are available as “a la carte” services.

Specialty Programs

We offer specialized marketing and collection programs for most professional firms. This is because marketing and collection are most frequently problem areas in small businesses. We have described only a few of the marketing and collection programs that we have, to give some idea what we do for our clients.

Additionally, we offer a business tax and accounting service in the local area of our Los Angeles office.


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