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A Service Company

The approach of Excel Management Services would compare to that of a top flight tailor where you are thoroughly measured, interviewed and the ideal clothing to suit your needs is determined. Then, it is created out of wholecloth, just for you. We take your existing organization and re-invent it so that it becomes your ideal organization, which can now accomplish your specific goal and achieve the company's mission statement, for real.  This is done one step at a time, because we know you are a busy executive.  While the deep changes are being gradually made, we focus on increased income and profits through optimizing the resources you already have in place.


The principal of the organization is Ingrid Eckhoff, a management consultant with over 30 years experience in many aspects of business. She studied business at Southampton University in England and at the Hubbard College.  Ingrid has used her business knowledge and experience consulting business owners in the finance and health fields (doctors, dentists, accountants, etc.) from the mid 1980's until 2010.  She then started at Management Success! where she was proven to be an excellent addition to the team, forwarding her experience in the auto repair industry.

Ingrid is a Master Consultant who has specialized training which qualifies her to handle the most difficult situations and has a proven track record in dramatic turnarounds.  She was also an instructor for advanced classes such as Management Success! Power and Operational, the Advanced Finance class and the Ideal Scene Workshop.



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